About us

We are RoFe and Álex, two brothers passionate about sports but far from being professional athletes. Convinced that sport has to be fun and total enjoyment, we seek to capture it in each garment we make; thinking that it adapts to any level of athlete. Aware of the environmental impact that the clothing industry brings to our planet, all our productions are small and with sustainable materials. We know that if we all come together, we can create a better future.

Let me tell you our story

It was the year 2014, Ro and I were two young students passionate about different sports. Despite the fact that we had played soccer since we were very young; we were far from being high performance athletes, let alone professionals. Both with totally different body styles, which on many occasions caused us insecurities. This was getting bigger and bigger when wearing sportswear, which, being designed for professionals, only made us feel like we didn't belong. Despite trying different brands, that feeling of insecurity did not go away, reaching the point of preventing us from achieving the main objective of sports: having fun. It was then that we made a totally crazy decision: Start our own brand of sportswear. This was a decision that has led us to travel a path full of different experiences and learning. The first step was to name it, we looked for a single word that could represent, to a great extent, what we wanted to project as a brand; in addition to giving it an international touch. That's how we chose the word Leven, which means life. For us it was a simple equation: Leven= Life; Sports= Health= Life.

The journey has not been easy; Finding suppliers was the first challenge. Many of the companies that are dedicated to the manufacture of clothing in our country only make large quantities of it, for which it was impossible for us to work with them. Since our philosophy from the beginning has been oriented to the conservation of the environment, we sought to make small and sustainable productions, for which we were not compatible with this style of industry. On the other hand, being a new brand and a very small company, many others did not take us seriously. It was then that we decided to try small workshops, which presented us with a new challenge: the quality was not what we were looking to project.

We traveled a good path seeking to create our product, with a high quality, with sustainable processes, and above all, that the people involved in the processes receive fair treatment and excellent remuneration. We realized that to achieve all this, the only way we could do it was by controlling all the creative and production processes of the company. So, with the growth we had had along the way creating sports uniforms for different teams and institutions, we made the decision that would help us change the rules of the game within the brand, to set up our own experimentation and creation workshop. Thus allowing us to apply all the processes and values that we had sought to implement from the beginning.

Today we keep in mind the continuous improvement of all our garments, so that they truly express the comfort and security that we seek to make all who wear us feel. So that the insecurity that we sought not to feel becomes the comfort of all those who use us, regardless of whether they are occasional or professional athletes. Since we believe that there is nothing more important than the feeling of security that being comfortable and happy with your body and the clothes you wear can generate. We want to make a positive change in the world and people, leaving a deep positive mark on our journey. We believe that practicing sports helps not only to be healthy physically, but also mentally and can help create a better society. To train better people. But above all we want us to remember that, at the end of the day, sports in its purest form is simply a game, and the goal is to have fun and be happy.

Sport in its purest state is simply fun and passion. Nothing else matters that, in the end, you had fun.

What are we trying to achieve?

We seek to create garments that are comfortable for all body types and that make you feel good when wearing them. Being promoters of a healthy lifestyle, both in body and in mind, having sport as the main engine. Caring for the environment through sustainable practices. And generate actions that help co-create a better society.

What we believe in

Our values are based on the search for happiness, and that this happiness translates into love and passion for each product we create. That is why we rely on fair trade, in the process of creating our clothes; generation of decent jobs in all sectors and emphatically rejecting child labor, forced labor and discrimination. This, since we believe that absolutely all people are essential in all aspects and must be recognized. We encourage teamwork, respect, responsibility, honesty, justice, punctuality, integrity, but above all unity. , tolerance, sustainability, care for the environment and diversity. At Leven we believe in being one big family.