BREATHE is not only our seal of sustainability, it is our philosophy of life implemented to care for the environment. We know that one person alone cannot change the world, but it can inspire us so that, all together, we can achieve it. We want to be part of those inspiring people who have started to create change. That is why with our BREATHE philosophy we have taken several steps, in the form of small commitments, which together we seek to generate significant change.

Our first commitment is to reduce waste within productions almost entirely. Unfortunately in our business, the waste that is generated from raw materials such as: threads, fabrics, elastics, etc. It is one of the first generators of pollution on our planet. but how do we reduce this waste? It is very simple, we have created products made entirely of raw material recovered in our workshop, to later be used both as padding or as the main fabric in products such as Zafus, mattresses, dog beds and even stuffed animals, products that are sold periodically. and exclusively in our online store.

Not all commitments are only internal actions, everything external is fundamental. That is why we work with suppliers who share our vision and implement practices focused on the environment. We can then say that the fabrics with which we create each product were, in turn, created in a responsible and sustainable way. This is in addition to the fact that we have pieces that are made from recycled and/or recovered PET. Helping with this that less plastic reaches our seas, and helping to clean up the oceans in the process.

Our garment durability commitment revolves around durable, responsible manufacturing, applying fair trade values and above all, seeking that the purchased garments can be used for a long time. Seeking that they have the largest number of layings possible and are discarded after a long time of being used. Added to this, our commitment not to overproduction. With this we seek that no garment is left without finding a home and they do not have a horrible trip to the clothing cemetery. Giving our user security and confidence that our garments have great durability, originality and exclusivity. 

Last but not least. We are actively seeking to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Not only with the treatment received by the waste generated directly and indirectly by our production, but also by the waste generated by the industries in general. That is why we donate a percentage of our income to this noble cause, since we are members of Stripe Climate. Click on the link if you want to know more about the actions that are taken to reduce the carbon footprint and also how you can help.